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Joomla – Using Compression with JHttp

How to compress HTTP requests using GZIP or FLATE from inside Joomla. Shows how to work around a Joomla bug so that you can make compressed requests from Joomla versions prior to 3.6.

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Joomla Plugin Development Tips

This article explains some of the things that a new Joomla! developer should be aware of. It covers localization, installation, and update related topics.

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Troubleshooting WordPress Plugin Conflicts

Discusses troubleshooting a WordPress plugin conflict and provides tips for professional plugin authors.

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Selecting a Web Calendar – Part 3

Discusses the relative advantages of free calendars, commercial or paid calendars, and hybrid or freemium calendars.

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Selecting A Web Calendar – Part 2

Compares the advantages of different web application software models, including SaaS, pure plugin, SaaS/Plugin hybrid, and installed software.

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Selecting a Web Calendar

This is the first in a multi-part series on selecting a web calendar for your organization and web site. Introduction to Selecting a Web Calendar The web calendar market is a very crowded and confusing one. It’s really difficult to understand what to purchase. As a web

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