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Joomla Calendar Extension

Connect Daily’s Joomla! calendar extension offers the best calendar features for the Joomla! environment.

It provides:

  • Simple List of Events
  • Detailed List of Events
  • Responsive Public Event Add Screen
  • Responsive Full-Sized Calendar
  • Mini-Calendar
  • iCalendar Links

The features are available as shortcodes and can be used in custom modules. All of the views can extract calendar data by calendar, type of event, resource used, or location; whatever makes sense for your design.

The Joomla! extension provides the views for site integration. Internally, Connect Daily offers a full set of features for the most demanding needs. Not sure what features you want? You can try any or all of Connect Daily’s premium features for 30 days. We want you to be absolutely sure that Connect Daily will meet your needs. You can also check out our features page for the full list of options.

Who Uses Our Events Calendar Extension?

Connect Daily’s features like comprehensive security, resource management, approvals, file attachments, and more make it ideal for any size group. Connect Daily is used by:

  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Non-Profits
  • Universities and Schools
  • Municipal, County, State, and Federal Government
  • Businesses including bars and restaurants, training companies, and service companies.

The Calendar Professionals

We’re web calendar professionals. It’s not a side-line, or a hobby. That’s why we’re second to none in capability, reliability, and expertise. Connect Daily’s thousands of users provide us feedback on what they need, and we use that to create the best possible product. See our differences.

Outstanding Support

When you’re using software, you want to solve a problem and move on. There’s nothing worse than having a simple question about a piece of software and waiting days for an answer. Even worse is corresponding with support via Email and taking days to get no help. That’s why we offer telephone support, Email support, forum support, and remote session. We are also available for one-on-one training sessions.

You’re only 60 seconds a way from having a great calendar for your Joomla! site!

Installation Instructions

Joomla! Calendar Extension – Examples Gallery

Click on an image to launch a viewer.